Sunday, 9 November 2008

getting started as a blogger

until last week i never thought i might need a public blog, as I'm not the one who will try to publish things publicly for free and because of my dyslexia i would prefer a visual tool than a text based knowledge sharing tool. 
But as i was trying to talk to one of our consultants on the benefits of social tools in an organisation environment , i was ask "so why don't you have a Blog"? 
this made me think ...for a while i was posting my opinions and thought in many different forums, i was talking about blogs, web 2.0, face book etc. but the only thing i really used that can be called a blog was a kind of journal based on Share point blog tool in our internal Accenture Platform and as it wasn't updated when i didn't work on projects you can guess it wasn't one of the most popular blogs.
so i decided that i will open a public blog and will try to drop some of my reflections and eureka moments as i go.
i hope you will find it interesting enough to follow and comment.


1 comment:

  1. Already on my reading list :)

    Good luck with the blog. Already enjoying it.