Friday, 6 February 2009

Organise my desktop

For many years i had a constant problem with my windows desktop, its was messy, or as i called it organised chaos.

whenever i got a new PC, or installed the operating  system and had only single icon on my desktop (the recycle bin) it was just a matter of time (about 2 weeks) until my desktop became as busy as the “city” on Monday morning, or full of icons as the trees in the black forest. 

My desktop before using fences

And this is nothing compare to my dad’s desktop which have so many short cuts and icon that i had to keep buying him a bigger screen and increase the resolution and even then he had to use a scroller to navigate.

we it doesnt matter how many folders and sub folders i created you cannot change the way people work and think that easy.

all that was the situation until i found this free wonderful application called FENCES by Stardock.

its a very light application for Windows XP and Vista (and yes Windows 7 too), that like magic create semi or full transparent “Containers” and allocate the icons on your desktop by category they have scroll bars once you access them and its easy to move icons from one container to the other.

My new desktop Screen

Of course you can customise it your self, but its quick set up does a pretty good job, i was impressed, and it doesn’t consume a lot of system resources so no worries as well.

you can see how it changed my old messy screen to my new organised screen as part of its less then 60 sec. set up. next stop is my dad, it will be interesting how that goes.

my recommendation - Give it a go! - you can always go back to your messy desktop.